GoDaddy API Reseller Review [2019]

Guide to GoDaddy API Reseller

As an Godaddy API Reseller; the domain owner can add profitability to his website by selling domain name registrations, private registrations as well as unique software and services from their websites. This has been made possible by the Wild West Domains new Application Programming Interface (API); which seamlessly plugs into the web owner’s website. This can be achieved while maintaining one’s unique brand. The web owner gets to earn through the domain name registration business. Any online website that accepts credit cards as well as performs a real-time authorization is entitled to benefit from the Wild West’s API. To avail the API reseller benefits; the web owner is required to pay $249 per year. The reseller additionally gets $125 worth of Google ad credit and $200 worth of Microsoft ad Center credit completely free of cost.

As an API reseller; you get to merchandize and sell private registrations, domain names, site traffic as well as federal copyright tools and much more. What’s more? It is the owner’s discretion to pick the products and services that need to be sold, assign individual prices and maintain control over its related aspects. This way a reseller can enhance his website’s profitability while maintaining his own individual and unique brand. Besides the Google ad words credit and Microsoft’s ad center credit; resellers gain access to various other free tools which include traffic blazer, express email marketing, website tonight, SSL certificate, an online file folder and a 30 day money back guarantee.

The reseller is entitled to sell the following products and services:

  • Domain Names, Transfers, Privacy, Backorders
  • Hosting, Virtual & Dedicated Servers, Dedicated IP Addresses
  • Email, Fax-Thru-Email, Online File Folder, Online Group Calendar
  • Traffic Blazer, Express Email Marketing, News-Blazer
  • Secure SSL Certificates, Merchant Accounts
  • c-Site, Traffic Facts, WebSite Tonight, Quick Blog

Quality support is available by phone and email 24/7 by a dedicated and trained staff.


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