Godaddy Domain Buy Service Review [2019]

What is Godaddy Domain Buy Service?

With GoDaddy’s Domain Buy Service; users can get the domain that they are looking for and Godaddy essentially acts as an intermediary between the legal owner of the domain and the buyer. If the domain name is up for sale; GoDaddy tries its best to get the buyer the domain that he/she wants. GoDaddy is known to be the world’s leading and largest domain registrar. Its domain buys Service is priced at $59.99 per domain plus commission.

How does Godaddy Domain Buy Service work?

The role of the personal domain agent is to complete a certified appraisal within a period of two business days of the service purchase. Then a contact is initiated with the current domain owner in order to determine whether he/she is interested in selling the domain. In case the domain owner is willing to sell the domain, attempts a made to negotiate the best selling price of the domain name. After having reached a sales agreement, the sales transaction is completed successfully. This service is only applicable for domains that are currently registered. The fee for the same is non-refundable and a 10% commission or $10 fee is charged after the purchase of the domain name. Domain buyers can be convinced that they get the best possible deal through GoDaddy as the domain name undergoes a thorough appraisal process.

This is exactly how the “Domain Buy Service” works: Once the buyer decides on the domain name he/she is interested in buying; they need to add that to the shopping cart and complete the domain buy service agreement. Within 2 business days, the buyer gets to view the certified appraisal via a secure web page after which the Domain Buy Agent contacts the buyer. Hen starts the negotiating process between the domain owner and domain buy agent to buy the domain name at the best possible price. If the offer is acceptable to the owner, the buyer gets the domain name. The Domain Buy Service can be purchased for a maximum of 30 days. Within that time, our Domain Buy Agents makes every reasonable attempt to contact the current registrant of the domain name and attempts to negotiate the purchase of the domain name for the buyer. The appraised value serves as a general guideline for buyers and sellers of domain names and as a benchmark for domain auctions and negotiations. So, there is essentially no guarantee offered on the appraised value.

Users get access to both telephone and email support system 24/7. This includes technical, sales, billing or customer support. While the telephone support is impeccably prompt and does not involve any wait time; with the email support system; the user can expect a response within 7 hours of query submission.

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