Guide to Godaddy Domain Transfers

Guide to Godaddy Domain Transfers

With the GoDaddy domain transfer facility; users can transfer domains as well as multiple domains and the process is completely risk free and fully automated. For multiple domain transfers, users get special bulk pricing structures. In case of any clarifications or issues related to the domain transfer feature, users are free to call the “transfer concierge” at 1-480-505-8866; available 24/7. Moreover, GoDaddy accepts transfers from any registrar and with GoDaddy’s rapid transfer system; the process may take 5 to 7 days or less.

Transfer of domains from “Network Solutions” is fairly simple and requires the following:
1. Domain Status: Locked or Active
2. Administrative contact for registered domain
3. Authorization or EPP code: (.com, .org, .net, .biz, .us, and .info TLDs only).

It is important to take note of the fact that the domain name needs to be unlocked for the domain transfer to successfully take place. Furthermore, the administrative email address should be a valid one and the authorization code should be accurate. Members also get to save up to 70% with GoDaddy’s pricing as compared to their competitors. Private registrations renews at the regular renewal rate.

The free blogcast tool is offered with every domain transfer. This implies that users are able to set up their blogs with user-friendly tools. Every new domain, transfer or renewal includes a free website hosting package that comes with professionally designed templates and a website builder. With every domain registration, transfer or renewal, users are entitled to the “complete email” feature. These email accounts are fast, secure and reliable. Moreover, they are POP3 configured and advertising free and much more. Users get a personalized email address with a 25MB storage. Users can be convinced that all domain transfers are completely risk-free and in case the transfer fails, the fee is completely refundable.

A complete guide on the godaddy website explains step-by-step the actions involved in transferring domains.

The steps are as follows:
1. The domain transfer is purchased by the customer.
2. The domain needs to be unlocked and the authorization code needs to be retrieved from the current registrar. This step is vital in order to initiate the transfer with the gaining registrar.
3. The customer then receives an email from the gaining registrar which contains an ID #, key code and a link for transfer confirmation.
4. With the help of the ID and key; the customer confirms the transfer and may also require the authorization code from the losing registrar.
5. The losing registrar then receives a notification from the gaining registrar to transfer the domain.
6. The losing registrar then sends a confirmation for domain release.
7. The customer confirms release with the losing registrar.
8. The gaining registrar receives domain release from the losing registrar.
9. The customer is sent a confirmation email that the domain is located in their account.
10. Customer takes control of the new domain at the new registrar.
24/7 support is offered both by telephone and email.

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