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ServerPronto Intro

ServerPronto is instrumental in providing effective and affordable dedicated hosting solutions and first commenced its operations in January 1999. ServerPronto is a dedicated hosting subsidiary of Infolink, one of a few profitable Data Center Corporations in the world. The company operates their own network in the USA and maintains redundant Fiber Optic Rings which allow them to directly peer with Tier 1 Internet Backbones.

ServerPronto Services

The company offers cost-effective solutions for dedicated hosting and the most attractive features include unmatched facilities, great bandwidth, reliability, security concerns and cost. Their shared servers guarantee 99% uptime and their dedicated servers assure an incredible 99.9% uptime. Customers have the added benefit of choosing between Linux and Windows-based servers as well as have the flexibility to customize their operations. A perfect solution to all e-business needs is offered by ServerPronto.

Moreover, the company offers the lowest price possible on dedicated servers. In case the customers are not satisfied; they can issue a written notice within 30 days to cancel their account. Their plans start out as low as $29.95 and customers get an access to speedy and dependable connections. Their customer support is available 24/7 and the standard hosting services do not require the customer t be bound by any contract.

Their AMD starter package is priced at only $29.95 per month and the Intel Starter package is priced at $49.95 per month. Of the 8 hosting packages, four start out at $99.95 and less. It offers excellent value for money; given the attractive features offered under these plans.

ServerPronto Reliaiabity 

ServerPronto focuses on high reliability as they place their servers in secure and high technology data centres equipped with the most advanced hardware and other related equipment. The data centres include redundant power. If the power is out, the websites do not go offline. All ServerPronto bandwidth is dynamically routed to the fastest available carrier utilizing the latest BGP4 technology. The servers are directly connected via a 100Mbps Full Duplex switched Ethernet Port. All of this means that customers will have an extremely reliable, fast (100Mbps) direct connection to multiple Tier 1 Internet backbones.

ServerPronto Uses:

The most common uses of a ServerPronto server are as:

  • Hosting Servers
  • Development Servers
  • Staging Servers
  • Email Servers
  • Data Backup Servers
  • Photo Servers
  • Gaming Servers
  • File Servers
  • Monitoring Servers
  • Failover Servers

The different versions of Linux offered by the company include Red Hat, Fedora, Free BSD, Debian, Suse, Gentoo, OpenBSD, CentOS, Ubuntu and the control panel options include WebMin(Free), Plesk 7.5 ($99 one time charge), and cPanel($40 per month). These options are available with Linux systems only.

ServerPronto Support

Their customer support is available 24/7 as well as by a ticket support system and email.

However, ServerPronto does not offer any telephone support. Support is offered by a user-friendly email ticket system. Advanced support is however offered at $75 per hour. Customers have the added flexibility of having as many IP addresses as they wish. However, there is a $10 one time processing charge for each IP address.

ServerPronto Summary

All things are taken into consideration; ServerPronto offers cost-effective and reliable solutions for anyone needing dedicated server hosting.

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