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Who is Yahoo?

The name of Yahoo brings to mind the website that we commonly refer to for our search engine and mail or messenger tool requirements. There is however much more on offer from this company than their web portal and search engine facilities on the internet. The operations of Yahoo are multifarious and signify almost every aspect of operations that you can access through the medium of the internet. There are services like that of a web directory, group services, social media website, facilities for audio and video sharing, data storage and small business services among a plethora of many others.

Yahoo Inc was founded originally as ‘David and Jerry’s Guide to The World Wide Web’’ in the year 1994; it was structured as a directory of other websites in an organised manner. The creator of this website was Jerry Yang and David Filo both of whom were students at the Stanford University. In the month of April of the same year, the founders renamed their website to Yahoo! with the creation of the domain in January of the following year. And if you want to understand the reason behind the new name it stands for ‘Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle’. It is a reflection of the synchronised manner in which the Yahoo database was organised; today this is the largest website in the United States with an equally mammoth number of users the world over.

The name of Yahoo! stands for a complete guidance of different services on the internet that a user can possibly require.

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Yahoo Web Hosting

Among other services, Yahoo has a well-defined range of services for small business and commercial online enterprises. Among these there are yahoo domains and web hosting services; then there are merchant solutions with business emails and online stores for business enterprises and owners a chance to own their online outlet for products and services. For this, there is a vast range of tools and applications developed by the company that can be put to effective use by individual companies. There are cost-effective packages and deals offered by the company for your business venture which you will find attractive even with a small budget and expenditure constraints. In fact, such businesses with a lesser scope of expenditures often find the offers from Yahoo! Extremely viable and affordable in the immediate and long-term scenario. Along with web hosting, there are several tools that will allow you to give a perfect design and look to your site. Besides, there are tools with which you can also analyse and assess the performance of your website. There are several categories of companies that are available for your commercial and business requirements. There are various ways that you can organise and arrange your website with Yahoo hosting features.

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Yahoo Web Hosting Features

  • Customisation

Here are some of the key aspects that become a part of your website when you avail Yahoo hosting. The foremost among these is the customisation advantages that you get. Create a website that caters to all kinds of your requirements based on simplistic tools and applications that can be easily navigated and manoeuvred. Thus besides your web designer, you can provide your inputs with equal convenience. The second advantage comes in the form of a simple work plan as well. You do not have to engage in complicated downloads and the purchase of special software packages that is very expensive. There is a complete array of required tools and software available online that you can use.

  • e-commerce

For any website, especially those engaged in business ventures and e-commerce need to incorporate various specialised features for their website. These are aimed at providing better management for their online stores along with providing easier shopping and browsing options for online buyers and customers too. There are different kinds of personalised design options available from Yahoo that will suit your website; moreover, with a wide range of customisation options, you can adapt the available features and functions on the basis of your requirements. In fact, this leaves for no reason for errors or irrelevant features as these are ones that you develop only as per your requirements. If you are thinking that these tools and applications will be difficult there is no need to worry. You will find a guidance tutorial available with each application that takes you through the steps of initialisation with ease and convenience. You will simply have to follow the given steps and start working on a set of application procedures. Yahoo also offers third-party tools and applications for your reference and convenience. You can also make good use of third-party design options that are provided. With these, you will have the appropriate designs available readymade ensuring less use of time on this work.

Yahoo web hosting Packages

Yahoo web hosting Packages

  • Add on Features

An interesting part of designing your website through the services of Yahoo hosting is the vast choices of interesting add-on features for your website; these are often instrumental in engaging the interest and attention of clients and buyers; moreover this also plays an important role in bringing back visitors with its colourful and interesting options along with ease of navigation. Include slideshows and visual graphics that can enhance your product display in the right way. Alongside there are options for video galleries and even demos of various applications that would be a perfect guideline for the visitor about product details or usage and handling. Web browsers can also download their preferred items from your website if they like samples of original music, literary quotes and paragraphs to even videos that are on display. For all such websites engaged in the selling of items a system of payment processing will be important; this can be done through Paypal incorporation. Additional helpful features can also include a complete map of your store locations depending on the nature of your business expansion. In some cases, you can also include the directions to your store. Your website can be linked with social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter that will gain you a wider range of clients.

  • 99.9% Uptime

Websites running and operating with Yahoo hosting services have a 99.9% record of being functional. There is a complete system of backup for operations along with several geographical sites for this operation; this means that regardless of the location of your website it will be facilitated for round the clock operations even in times of emergency. Yahoo provides the assistance of UNIX operating system that comes to you through Apache servers. Security and restricted access are always carefully emphasised with user ids and password protected access to your website. Shared SSL certificates and encryption modes enable better protection and security for all kinds of information and customer or registered users data within your website. The hosting service will also include a domain name with an unlimited disk space; also available will be an unlimited data transfer for your site and similar facilities for email storage. There is around the clock support available from the company through email, phone and online resources; the company offers a constant guidance for your website operations. With a wide range of facilities, there are a means of monthly or even a daily report that you can access the number of visitors to your website.The performance of a website is one of the most significant parts of its operations; this is true especially in case of e-commerce sites and others that are engaged in any form of commercial enterprise. Thus the availability of a means with which you can monitor the performance of your website through some of the top ranking search engines can be an added advantage. This will be substantiated by guidance from Yahoo hosting services; this will help you with a complete understanding of the operations and ways with which the performance can be enhanced as well. These include proper use of keywords and an appropriate selection for the same; you will be guided in the access of search engines that will be effective and helpful for your sphere of business. You will also access data about website visitors; understanding the trends of web traffic with detailed analytical reports will be effective in initiating more focused changes and modifications within the operations of your website.

Yahoo hosting services will also provide customised plans for the launch of your website. There are emails that are often sent to a database of your contacts and even emails provided by the company; it will not only inform people about the website but also provide a link within the mail guiding the visitor to the site directly. You can submit the website to some of the most popular search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing among several others. It is an easy process that is simply a click away. Click on Yahoo Local options and you will be able to reach out to thousands of potential venture partners in various regions. You have to enlist your site here as well. Marketing plans are available from the company with easy to follow guidelines and marketing plans which will bring forth better business growth for your company. These are sometimes available for free of costs but are also chargeable in some cases; the costs are however extremely affordable.

yahoo hosting control panel

yahoo hosting control panel

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Yahoo Web Hosting Design services

Now you may require a website for your business venture; however neither do you have the time nor the technical know-how for the work. There are also companies that have started on a low budget which makes it difficult for them to invest in expensive web design companies and designers. Yahoo has an answer for all such companies. There is a formal partnership with Logoworks by HP; you can get a website of 5 pages for a comprehensive price of $299 USD. Your website will be ready in time for launch and provide perfect exposure for your line of work. It is a hassle-free process with the use of latest technology for the fulfilment of all your commercial requirements. Simply select a template of your choice from the options available from Yahoo Site solution. Provide the company with your business content. After this you will also receive successive reviews and revisions from Logoworks by HP; this will be an analytical report based on professional observation. There are more than 200,000 clients that have already been helped by Yahoo hosting services and the dedicated professionalism of Logoworks. It has a rating of 9.0 out of 10 which is based on customer reports and feedback. The 5-page website is designed and structured within a cost-effective price and directly launched through Yahoo hosting.

At Yahoo Hosting, there is a constant endeavour to bring about customer satisfaction and enhanced business performances. For this end in view not only does the company bring you excellent ideas and software tools for customisation but even a constant support system too. You can call or access through online resources the team here at your service. You will receive an answer for your query within a maximum time of 24 hours. A team of expert professionals will always be available for your guidance and assistance. There are reports and analysis available along with details of the trend of website visitors. It helps you to understand customer behaviour and the nature of modifications you have to make for optimal business growth. Yahoo has personalised business plans designed for you through emails and messages that will bring forth a focused crowd of visitors and greater exposure to your field of work. There is an easy system of online payments made through the website for clients to access. Now you can make the payment and get started with your business expansion and marketing process. Access tools and software applications with which you can design your website perfectly with images and graphics suited for your business.

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